Doordarshan Podhigai: Informative Programs

Doordarshan Podhigai: Informative Programs

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On Friday, 4th August which turned out to be a special Friday in the month of Aadi (Tamil month) Doordarshan Podhigai hosted an informative program on why the month of Aadi was so special. It was a matinee show schedule, with an introduction by a lady Tamil professor ( I presume) who spoke in chaste and fluent Tamil and narrated various stories from the Tamil folklore.

Through the stories she highlighted how the devars (demigods) in heaven were resting and which is why the deities protect their devotees with utmost care during these months. She also spoke about how the month begins with paying homage to the dead and seeking their blessings. And she said what was important is connecting with family and friends through the various festivals that is so unique to this month.  For the children of today who are obsessed with social media, she assured such outing to temples, family deities, returning roots and native villages can turn out to be an enlightening and enriching experience.

After this introductory talk, artists from villages were invited to perform. It was heartwarming to see how these artistes were visibly thrilled with the recognition and spotlight. Such talent lies hidden in the remotest corners of our villages without any reward or monetary benefits.

Hats off to DD Podhigai, for consciously bringing to the viewers educational episodes that gives us interesting insights.  But sadly it lacks viewership as we make a beeline for Bigg Boss, Neeya Naana, interview with film stars and other reality shows which are only after TRP.

Take a break, and once in a way atleast select DD Podhigai and you might be surprised on what you can learn.

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