Kavan: War against a TV Channel

Kavan: War against a TV Channel

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Kavan, I am not sure what it means, perhaps in true tamizh it means a journalist or something similar. Because it is a story of a TV journalist who takes on a TV channel that has nexus with politics. How the politicians and media moguls use public interest and their curiosity to achieve what they want is what the story is about. It goes onto narrate how the innocent suffer during the process and how they become victimized in the process.

A showdown happens between the journalist and the TV channel boss after the interview with the corrupt politician. Right after this, this young team of journalists led by Thilak (Vijay Sethupathi) quit their jobs and joins another TV channel run by Mayilvaganan (T.Rajendar) which has no business and is almost ready to shut shop.

How they revive this debilitating TV channel, how they expose the corrupt politician and simultaneously the previous employer forms the story. After several interesting turns and twists, it is a happy ending with the police arresting the all the baddies.

Fairly a predictable story with good vs bad, with Vijay Sethupathi hogging the limelight and doing his usual histrionics. His dialogues reflect well who the person is, as they are simple and to the point with that sense of sarcasm that only Vijay Sethupathi can pull off.  His camaraderie with T.Rajendar and we are able to sense that they have enjoyed shooting and have bonded sufficiently. There is a nice subtle love story running behind this entire drama between and Malar (Madonna Sebastian) and Thilak.  Madonna is a good pick, as she is very convincing in anything role that she portrays. All in all, good entertainment but not an excellent movie as there are too many happenings which is at times pretty confusing.


Bhuvana Rajaram


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