Marundeeswarar Temple: Panguni Brahmotsavam Festival

Marundeeswarar Temple: Panguni Brahmotsavam Festival

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Visiting ancient temples, getting to know the history of the temple and marveling at the architecture is a joy indeed. Chennai, if you carefully explore has its own set of ancient temples hidden away here and there. One such is the Marundeeswarar temple at the Thiruvanmiyur – ECR Road. The temple is celebrating the Panguni Brahmotsavam from March 31st to the 12th of April and wears a festive look.

The temple is a delight to visit, as it is large, spacious with ample room to walk all around the temple. It is clean and well-kept with cow shed towards the back entrance with a set of calves and cows looking so out to you eagerly.

The main deity is Lord Shiva – Shri. Marundheeshwar is considered to cure any disease.  And people flock this temple and pray to Lord Shiva to cure their illnesses.

The entrance view of the Marundeeswarar Temple
Deities on display on the sides of the temple
Large and spacious sides of the temple

Festive ambiance as part of the Panguni Brahmotsavam
Panguni Brahmotsavam Hoarding at the temple entrance


Lalitha Nagar,


Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041

Phone: 044 2441 0477



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