3 Feel Good Malayalam Films: A Must Watch

3 Feel Good Malayalam Films: A Must Watch

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This week, the Chennai city came alive with Onam celebrations. All over the city there were: flower decorations, brightly lit oil lamps, traditional dances,  men and women looking resplendent in kurtas, dhotis and off white sarees,  and of course not to miss the Onam Sadhya: wide menu with payasam being the highlight. Over the years the intensity of Chennai celebrating the Onam festival has only increased with the Chennai Tamil citizens becoming more aware and appreciative of this festival that is so unique to Kerala. Nearly every hotel in the city was boasting of an Onam Sadhya (Onam menu), enticing the foodies of the city. And the TV channels joined the Onam race to provide recently released Malayalam movies which were a great Onam treat. If you are a fan of simple, realistic, family dramas then the below three films will warm the cockles of your heart.  They turned out to be such feel good films, where there was absolutely no violence and issues that we were able to relate to and empathize with. Read on to know more about these films:


Maheshinte Prathikaaram: A young photographers’ life is turned upside down when he is unable to fight back a local thug. How he handle this embarrassment and what he does post this incident forms the crux of the story. Fahad Faazil plays Mahesh the photographer – who owns a humble photo studio and leads a peaceful and contented life with his father and pet dog. He gets entangled in a petty street fight between a local thug and his neighboring shop owner, during this brawl he gets hit by the thug and is unable to fight back. He falls down in front of the local town people and is ashamed of himself. Unfortunately he is not able to forget the incident and move on, so he pledges to take revenge and until then vows not to wear slippers.  Owing to all this he has to forego his girlfriend and goes through a breakup as well. How he regains his confidence, how he bounces back and bashes up the villain and finally courts the sister of the bashed up villain all form an interesting set of events.

Salt Mango Tree: A middle class couple rally around hopelessly to get an admission for their dear son in a prestigious convent. Their trials and tribulations that they go through, their lack of awareness of the school expectations and how they argue and fight with each other forms the storyline. Hope comes to them in the form of Shining Stars a grooming school for children and parents. Biju Menon and Lakshmipriya Chandramouli as the desperate parents enroll themselves in this finishing school and get trained to handle school interviews.  This is a story that many parents can identify themselves with and teaches them that life is not about costly convents and fluent English but more so about family bonding and parents being the first and constant teachers in every child’s life.


Jacobinte Swargarajyam: A closely knit family suffers a financial crisis and bounce back to safety and the trust and love they share for each other keeps them going. Renji Panicker as Jacob and the patriarch of the family is an honest and loving man who takes good care of his employees and family equally well. He has a happy family and they share a lovely bond between one another. This bonding comes to an acid test when Jacob loses everything in a massive financial downturn during which he gets cheated to the tune of 3 million dollars. The family is forced to let go of their affluent and comfortable lifestyle in Dubai and Jacob has to work in Liberia separated from his family in harsh conditions. Shirley (Lakshmi Ramakrishnan) as the mother along with her eldest son Jerry (Nivin Pauly) holds the forte and face the debtors and simultaneously managing to build their lives back together.


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