Kali: Anger at its Best Form

Kali: Anger at its Best Form

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Are you a person on a short fuse? Can even the smallest of disturbances trigger you to fly off the handle? Whether you are the angry sort or not, Dulquer Salman is, in the film Kali. This is the sort of film that you can relate to and identify easily the characters.  There is no external violence in this film, but it is all self-induced. It’s a film of how a simple road rage act causes a set of happenings that puts the lead pair Siddharth (Dulquer Salman) and his lovely wife Anjali (Sai Pallavi) in an awkward and horrifying situation. One wrong move and the consequences could have been irrevocable and ghastly. But everything gets sorted out right at the end and the angry young man learns his lesson the hard way.


The film starts of in an innocent and innocuous manner, with the young lovers daringly getting married without the consent of the family. They set up house and the young wife studies while the husband goes off to a new found bank job. All this is rosy and nice until you see Siddharth getting irritated often, which also seems a tad normal. Things take a sudden and horrific turn when Siddharth loses his cool completely and slaps a colleague at an office party, with his wife watching.  The party comes to a standstill, and everyone stare at Siddharth open mouthed.  His wife is shocked and embarrassed equally and walks out of the party.  They have a heated argument and she leaves the house, while he follows her and they proceed on their already planned trip. During the night travel a lorry driver overtakes them and Siddharth again gets so over worked that he over takes the lorry in a maniacal mood.  What follows is petrifying as the Siddharth couple get bullied and harassed by the lorry driver and his cohorts.  Anjali gets stalked and almost gets raped just then forest patrol comes to her rescue and everything ends well.


Casual clothes of the lead pair add weight to their convincing portrayals.


The nighttime backdrop of the hills with animals making eerie sounds forms an excellent and scary setting for the story to evolve.


Hats off to every one of them, Chemban Vinod Jose as the intimidating lorry driver is amazing. And Dulquer with his unstoppable anger comes across as a man possessed and waiting to explode any minute. Sai Pallavi is the perfect foil to this anger onslaught as she is smiles off most of the trying circumstances. She is calm, collected and keeps her husband in control. Their fights are real and they look so genuine and every inch the husband and wife.

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Dulquer and Sai Pallavi sharing an happy moment

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