Sama: Fabulous Looking Stuff to Deck up your Home

Sama: Fabulous Looking Stuff to Deck up your Home


Hello Friends,

Every time I walk into the Sama Home store, I can never contain my excitement. I want to buy this, I want to buy that and I want to buy that, that and that and that and yes this too! Yes, that is the beauty of Sama, we end up buying all that smart stuff that they have.

Bright colours, excellent quality, imported stuff and innovative designs are the typical characteristics of the Sama products.

OK – if you are new to Sama, here’s the deal.  You can shop at Sama to beautify your home. From the simple clothes line clips to delicate crockery, to glass jars, to baking pans, to storage containers, to awesome coffee mugs and soup bowls they have everything. Literally everything!

Mr. Athar Ahmed (Founder of Sama) invited me cordially to visit any of their stores when I rang him up, and he also mentioned that they have recently opened a branch at Adyar (opposite Malar Hospital).

Sama, we gather has been in Chennai for about a few years now having begun operations in a small shop in Fountain Plaza. A mild mannered and soft spoken store in charge Tabasum (hope the spelling is right!) informed this to me. She is proud to talk about the quality and innovative aspects of the Sama kitchenware. Her passion is evident as she tells me – a new age woman or for that matter any woman who wants to make her house look elegant this is the place to come to.

She is right, I thought, with Chennaites embracing all the lovely things of life from clothes, restaurants and travel, I am sure they are equally keen to make their houses look good too. While there are the likes of @home and Lifestyle, yes the big giants on the homefront, somehow my fondness for this cute little store never dies.

Come along now, check out all that Sama offers for Chennai…


Sama Alwarpet store entrance (my favorite one)


Bright coloured glass bottles


A big soup bowl


A coffee and snack container


Coffee mugs in different colours


Can you believe that this is a dustbin? That you can keep at your work station


Water bottles that are not boring looking


I fell for these kitchen grocery containers, big and nice


If you are a baker, you have a wide array of latest baking utensils


There is super looking stainless steel stuff as well, but they look sleek and slender


Porcelain cutlery available too


Again see through jars just right to store all your dhals and spices

Timings:  10:00 am to 8.00 pm (open on Sundays)


Sama Home Store is available at the following addresses:

  1. 4 Adyar Bridge Road, (opp Malar hospital) Adyar, Chennai 20, Phone: 044-4212 9595
  2. 11, CPRamaswamy Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 18, Phone: 044-2466 2675
  3. 6, College Rd, Nungambakkam, Chennai 34, Phone 044-30137780
  4. Fountain Plaza, Pantheon Rd, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Phone: 044 4263 8010
    Mobile: 98410 34507

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