About Bhuvana Rajaram

About Bhuvana Rajaram

Hello Friends,

  • When I had the choice of studying medicine or other graduation subjects: I chose English Literature.
  • When I had the choice of sports or other extracurricular activities: I chose poetry writing.
  • When I scored low in other subjects in school but excelled in English: I was thrilled.
  • And today, I am happy that I have had a stellar twenty years of corporate writing experience spanning both manufacturing and IT industries.

To cut a long story short, I love the English Language – Simple. I love writing in English – Period. With a Master’s Degree in English Literature and a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication I have published articles in a journal for women. And of course, I dabble with poems and short stories when muse and mood strikes.

Beautiful Times, my lifestyle blog site is my identity and my voice. Through every word and image I speak to you directly. And strive to make every piece that I write within as informative and useful as possible to you.  I write simply and from the heart and wish to give you many  tips for you to have a beautiful time: travelling, shopping, eating, drinking and merrymaking.

If you like Beautiful Times, follow the site and forward the site link to your friends please. Let us have some Beautiful Times together!

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Bhuvana Rajaram


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