Njan Prakashan: An Endearing Film

Njan Prakashan: An Endearing Film

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Malayalam cinema never fails to come up with sensible and relevant content that is so relatable. And Fahadh Faasil has an uncanny knack of selecting scripts that are so human and that brings out the actor in him. I have no idea how he has this uncanny knack of choosing the best films. Anyway so the magic happens and here’s a fantastic watch for all of us. It is neither a comedy, nor a romantic film. It falls somewhere in between and narrates a story of a young man who wants to make it big and win easy money. He nurtures a desire to work in a foreign country and goes to any length to achieve that. All that happens during this process forms the crux of the plot.

The film is neatly divided into two logical halves, the former where you see Faahad desperate to shrug out of his Prakashan image and even changes his name to PR Akash. And he courts his college mate only to gain an entry into Germany. He decides to divorce her right after the marriage, but all plans are foiled as she becomes smarter and fails to marry him. The transformation begins then and as Faahad takes on a construction worker employment realizes the hardships of life.

And the second half of being a male nurse to a teenager who is dying of a chronic disease is a fantastic portrayal of human emotions. How he goes all out to make life beautiful and meaningful for his young patient is life affirming and totally endearing.  And through all this he realizes his follies, and how being honest and simple is the bottom line of life. The supporting crew of Nikhila Viimal, Devika Sanjay and Sreenivasan and ably directed by Sathyan Anthikad should well be received by the audience.

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