ARUVI: As AIDS Affected girl Aditi Astounds

ARUVI: As AIDS Affected girl Aditi Astounds

Aruvi, the film that had a delayed release by a couple of years and which arrived quietly with nil media hype – is now being talked about by everyone. Audiences are raving about this film that has no stars, but a very down to earth Aditi Balan has steered the film to success. Not at all a conventional story nor does the story unfold in a conventional manner, we are left wondering and guessing what has happened to the heroine, or simply put what is wrong with her. We are for most part of the first half guessing why she walked out on her family.

The interesting and best part of the film is that there are no gory and scary rape scenes which are so typical when it comes to such dark films. Instead the rape has been accepted by the heroine herself and she states it simply. It is an awareness film, a wake up film for many of us who are yet to understand the implications of AIDS and how a patient contracts this infection. The film does not preach but through simple situations it drives home the fact that how important it is for an AIDS patient to have family support and empathy.

The take on a TV chat show is hilarious, and when Aruvi holds all of them as hostages we are able to see a lost child in her rather than a killer. The subtle romance with Peter smooths the otherwise dark film and the final sequences as the terribly sick AIDS patient hiding in a jungle is heart wrenching.

All in all, an excellent flick that you must see to enjoy how beautifully it has not embraced any of the typical film expectations but still manages to succeed.

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