Kimberley House: Charming Cafe & Co-Working Space

Kimberley House: Charming Cafe & Co-Working Space

Hello Friends,

The list of restaurants is only growing in the city of Chennai! Each one comes with its own suite of ideas, décor, cuisine, themes, chefs, festivals and wide buffets. From sambar to sushi, to Ethiopian cuisine to eggs made to order there is something novel in every new venture. Each entrepreneur seems to be thinking afresh to pamper the palate of the Chennai foodie.

I was mulling over all this as I walked into Kimberley House in Harrington Road at Aminjikarai. Aminjikarai for a new and elegant restaurant? You may ask! Yes, I know what you are thinking, for we do find all these well-appointed places more towards the South Chennai, but this one is nestled in the quiet Harrington Road, opposite Pachaiyappas College. I was pleasantly surprised to see a stately ancestral home welcoming us. A little and old fashioned swing is right there at the verandah as we enter. Immediately an world world charm engulfs you and you feel as though any moment a grandfather may walk out of this bungalow. Anyway, by now I am sure you must have guessed that this is one of those heritage ancestral properties converted into a restaurant and co working space. This is done without losing the essence and soul of the home. From switchboards, to doors, to lofts, to a cute backyard garden every little aspect is preserved with care and the restaurant merges quietly within this beautiful house.

If the ground floor houses the restaurant, the first floor is all about a set of rooms with a co working space. Simple office furniture and a cozy little room with low seating if you want to sit down and work without bothering with a desk and chair, here you go!

All in all, a lovely place to hang out with friends. The food is both Tamil Brahmin food along with European dishes. So if you have a friend crazy about eggs and you have a craving for a dosa, both the desires can be satiated here.

Outdoor garden where you can enjoy an evening meal
Another view of the outdoor gardeen
Dessert and cake collection at the foyer
An old grandfather clock reminding you of yester years
The Kimberley House logo
Wall art that highlights old Madras
More wall decoration that add to the beauty of the place
The upstairs co-working space
Low seating area where you can sit comfortably and work on your laptop
I quite liked this coin collection box that presents your bill


6, 11th Avenue,



Tamil Nadu 600030



Weekdays: 11:00 am to 10:30 pm

Weekends open for breakfast from 7:30 am



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Bhuvana Rajaram

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  1. Dear Ms. Bhuvana,

    I take this opportunity to thank you for writing us up on your blog. This gesture is warmly appreciated.

    Do visit us soon and again.

    Kimberly House – Mgmt team

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