Music Academy Inauguration, 2017: By Maestro Ilayaraja

Music Academy Inauguration, 2017: By Maestro Ilayaraja

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The auspicious and lilting Nadaswaram Mangala Isai was playing as I entered the Music Academy premises on the December 15th. It is a tradiotonal custome to declare the concerts and conference series each year with a Nadaswaram concert.

The 91st Music Academy Concerts and Conferences was inaugurated on December 15th in a start student event. Maestro Isaignani Ilayaraja inaugurated the music festival and gave a simple but beautiful speech that highlighted the beauty of music. He said that music should happen and not be made and he drew parallel with water streaming – and said that water and music are similar and keep flowing.

Chitraveena stalwart was awarded the Music Academy’s Kalanidhi title and he delivered his acceptance speech in which he highlighted how learners and parents have to be responsible and not rush the music learning process.

Music Academy known for its traditional and rich heritage of upholding Carnatic music and Bharathanatyam is a center of activity during the December month. Artistes and students from all over the world congregate here to lap up the music and dance extravaganza. Artistes consider preforming at the Music Academy a prestigious opportunity and save their best for this concert.


The Music Academy,

New No. 168 (Old No.306),

T.T.K. Road,  Chennai – 600 014.

Phone: +91-44-2811 2231/+91-44-2811 5162


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