Thiruttu Payale 2: Thrilling Thriller

Thiruttu Payale 2: Thrilling Thriller

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A very valid theme, strong screen play, powerful performances make Thirutu Payale 2 an engrossing thriller. Given the rise of social media and the fame of Facebook director Susi Ganesan could not have chosen a better topic for the current times.

The film makes an instant connect with all of us as the heroine Agal Vilakku (Amala Paul) is obsessed with posting selfies on FB and is forever counting the likes she receives. A slim trim Selvam (Bobby Simha) as the honest corrupt cop essays the role of a helpless husband perfectly. His frustration when confronted with a horrifying scenario where his wife is in the vice grip of tech savvy villain is enormously convincing.  Balki (Prasanna) has a water tight method to stalk beautiful women on Facebook and is so technologically strong that it is practically impossible to get away from him. A well sculpted body, cool demeanor, unruffled dialogue delivery set Prasanna apart, and you definitely wonder why this actor is so under-utilized.  All three of them, be it Bobby, Amala or Prasanna each one of them has put in power packed portrayals.  Amala Paul sizzles on screen with her slender figure and revealing curves. But who also appeals to us is the detective who cleverly uses all the information to his best advantage and walks finally with all the money. Bobby’s career focus leads him away from his wife who turns to Facebook to assuage her loneliness which invariable ends in terrible trouble for all of them.

The film without going preachy shares the message of avoiding social media addiction and how important it is to spend time with family. A good movie, with brilliant action by all of them that is very apt for current times.

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