Tumhari Sulu: Charming Housewive’s Tale

Tumhari Sulu: Charming Housewive’s Tale

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Yes indeed, this is charming tale of a housewife who suddenly bags a brilliant break to anchor a late night radio show. She is catapulted into spotlight as her show gains popularity and it is obvious she enjoys every minute of this new role. But her middle class family, the values and sentiments they thrust on her force her to give up.

Vidya Balan as the 30s something Sulochana is a delight to watch, this is not a case of a bored housewife who is looking for relief outside of marriage, instead a woman who is firmly happy in her marriage and comfortable with her loving husband and adorable son. It is just that she is a bundle of energy and full of passion to try different things. Her perseverance to grab the opportunity to become a radio jockey is so endearing and just when you think she will not make it – she does. In fact she even warms the cold radio corporate world and they are keen to give her a break. Vidya Balan, rotund and looking well fed still looks every inch beautiful in her colourful sarees and blouses.

Manav Kaul as the supporting husband does an amazing job of being caught in the throes of management change and having to report to a tyrannical young boss. The enormous changes at the workplace and having to see his wife talk sexy to late night callers on air leaves with little peace.

As for Neha Dupia, as Maria the Radio station boss is extremely convincing and she steals the show with her loud cut throat leadership qualities. All of the supporting cast and crew deliver an impeccable performance and this film is an interesting slice of a woman’s life. Women the world over can relate to this story!

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