Convo@C20 Cafe: Great Place To Hangout

Convo@C20 Cafe: Great Place To Hangout

Hello Friends,

On the service lane in the Adyar main road, (on the left hand side from Madhya Kailash) just past Style One, Reliance Trends and Odyssey is a charming and tiny café. It’s a newly opened restaurant that offers you a wide range of continental, short eats, juices and desserts. It’s on the first floor and you need to walk up the stairs and the parking maybe done on the service lane itself.

So what is different about this café? When there are countless cafes all over Chennai! Here, you are encouraged to talk to each other and not on the phone. Oops, wait a second this does not mean phones are a taboo, it is just the Convo@C20 team politely encourage you to drop your phone at their jammer counter and engage in real conversations with your lunch partner rather with a virtual friend million miles away. You know what I mean! It makes sense, yes.

And there are small and simple board games which are placed on your table as you wait for your order to arrive. So you can be playing them and having some fun giggling quietly instead of looking out the windows and talking of the proverbial Chennai rains or the lack of it.

Food is good and freshly made, the menu card has a bunch of funny names and you can have long conversations with Team Convo@C2O on many of this. But that said, chose carefully, ask them to explain how it’s made and what it contains before zipping off.

But it’s a cute little joint, ideal for a group of friends to get together and have a ball! Hey, I forgot, there is a small lawn like area where there is basket ball set up, so if you want to burn off all those cheesy fillings go for it.

Huge blackboard with lots of messages scrawled across near the entrance
A view of the restaurant with the tables
Games for you to dabble with before you dig in
Sparkling clean and live kitchen
Another view of the interior
Tables placed on the balcony with lovely views
And here’s the basket ball set up that is cool!


The delicious dessert counter

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Door No. 49, Old No. 24, Plot No. 102,

1st Main Rd, 600020,

Gandhi Nagar, Adyar,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Phone: 099622 43139



11 am to 11 pm



Bhuvana Rajaram

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