Theeran Athigaram Ondru: Racy Action Film

Theeran Athigaram Ondru: Racy Action Film

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The moment the credits play that it is based on real life incidents, immediately I was hooked. Also the pre-launch hype and Karthi’s admission of having spent time with police officers to know more about this case certainly had me wondering and hence watched this film recently. It is indeed a good film where the team has done enough spade work. Yes, there is abundant action and violence, but there is a strong storyline to back this which makes it worthwhile and does not turn out to be mindless bashing. But yes, there are cinematic allowances where you still find the hero beating to pulp the goons, however we tend to overlook these as the scenes keeps you moving forward.

A lukewarm and a tad silly romance portion makes you squirm in your seat and just when you wonder what is there to rave about the film, romance gives way to gory action and you sit up and sit at the edge of your seat. Karthi as Theeran the police officer shines, and is performance is so convincing that you feel his frustrations when he is helpless and shattered. Great job indeed, and here is one actor who is a natural at acting. Guess it’s a family trait! Bose Venkat as the able subordinate Sathya is a perfect foil to his boss and does a neat job. Rakul Preet Singh as the young wife of Theeran is good but has a predictable set of scenes. The Rajashthan action scenes are sizzling and the history laden dacoity theme is new and refreshing.

All in all, a fantastic film where there are overdoses of violence and bloodshed, but it’s a good watch.

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