Villain: Lacks Punch, But Has Mohanlal

Villain: Lacks Punch, But Has Mohanlal

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Yes, from the title of this blog you would have guessed that Mohanlal’s new film – Villain is a predictable fare of upright police officer vs. evil forces. Time and again we have seen in films, be it any language how a straightforward police officer is smart and has an uncanny knack of grabbing the baddies effortlessly. And then of course the officer ends up sacrificing his loving family which the goons take on easily.  Just when you think that new age Malayalam cinema has come of age and also hooked by the Mohanlal aspect, the film Villain has nothing new to offer same old story. It is just that Mohanlal as the middle aged ADGP Mathew Manjooran breezes through the film with yet another convincing performance and looks sophisticated and suave.

The film has an interesting cast of Manju Warrier as the doting wife of Mohanlal, Vishal as the Doctor who is out on a mission, Hansika Motwani the gun wielding lady assassin, Sidiqque as the DGP, Renji Panicker as the  Commissioner Sreenivasan and Chemban Vinod Jose as DYSP Iqbal. But the plot is as old as the hills with several evident loopholes so none of this fails to impress the viewer.

The core concept being that an eye for an eye or rather revenge is never the answer and will only breed more violence. Indeed a noble thought but even this is not lucidly explained so you end up constantly wondering if Mohanlal seeks revenge or not. But by the time you know the answer you are ready to walk out and get it over and done with. Manju sadly has no role except for lying in bed ready for euthanasia; the plot could have been tweaked just so she has room for performance.

All in all a fairly good time pass film for a rainy afternoon, nothing else.

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