Label Meenakshi Chandak: Just For You

Label Meenakshi Chandak: Just For You

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Meeting Meenakshi Chandak would do you a world of good if you are tired of the routine stereotypical salwars and leggings! Or if you are a size XS or size XL, or if you are simply looking to discuss all your weird style preferences and looking for a dress to exactly match what you have in mind – then visiting Meenakshi Chandak comes to your rescue.

Meenakshi Chandak – Woman of Substance
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I particularly loved all the ethnic prints, soft cotton fabric so good for the Chennai weather and the not to miss reasonable prices.  Very often in large stores when you are wondering how a dress would look on you and looking for help there is hardly anyone to your rescue. The conversation that you strike with the bored sales girl gets you nowhere, and you drop the dress back and head to the food court for a cup of coffee to revive the energy drained by shopping. Have you experienced similar situations? This is not something you will face when you shop at Meenakshi Chandak, the boutique is cozy, not crowded and there the lady is explaining to you what to pick and how to create your own ensemble.

With a tidy a dressing room and tailoring unit attached you can be assured of selecting the best outfit that matches your body shape. Once that is done, she also has a small but elegant collection of footwear to choose from. She is in the process of launching an exclusive collection for children as well, so probably the mom and baby shopping can be done under one roof!


Meenakshi Chandak
No 20 Thirumalai Pillai Road, (opp to Vidyodhaya school)

T.Nagar, Chennai 600 018

Phone: 073587 71675



11:30AM – 7:30PM


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