Karuppan: Regular Rural Love Story

Karuppan: Regular Rural Love Story

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There is absolutely nothing new in this rural based love story – Karuppan. Village backdrop, bull fighting, family feud, revengeful villain, doting wife, bed ridden mother et al, the only different dimension is – Vijay Sethupathi. The actor who is on a roll seems to have an uncanny knack of walking straight into the viewer’s heart with his real to life and effortless acting.

Maayi’s (Pasupathi) acting as a loving brother who misunderstands his brother in law and is caught between love and anger is understated and simple.  The new comer Tanya as Anbuselvi looks beautiful and comes up with a confident portrayal. As for Bobby Simha making an appearance in this film is not surprising as he belongs to the Vijay Sethupathi clan who is known to bring in his fraternity to every film. Bobby as Kathir who cherishes an one sided love for Anbu seems to have effortlessly pulled off this role. His role has tinges of the Iraivi film where he again lusts after Anjali who is married as well. Apart from commenting on the roles and characters there is not much to talk of the plot per se – as it is the standard fare of loving couple who are separated by family controversies and how they reunite.

The star of the film remains Vijay Sethupathi who acts nonstop, so much so you get the feeling he is mono acting and others pale into insignificance beside him.

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