Magalir Mattum: Predictable Fare

Magalir Mattum: Predictable Fare

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Well, you guessed it right. It has everything to woo the woman viewer. All throughout the film it champions the cause of women and reiterates the importance of a woman in our lives. It clearly says how much they sacrifice as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, of course. It’s a story of three middle aged women who were best friends in school. Each ofcourse have their own stories to share, each of them are stuck in predictable pigeon holes of married life and are unable to break free.

But help comes in the form of a documentary film maker Prabha the to be daughter in law of Gomatha Silkurayappan (Urvashi) and ofcourse social media. So Prabha reunites Gomatha with her two school mates Rani Amirthakumari Gothandaraman (Bhanupriya) and Subbulakshmi Mangalamoorthy (Saranya). The road trip that all four take up, the experiences they have during the journey, how their family suffers without them and eventually the transformation the men in the family undergo forms the crux of the film.  And there is a significant back and forth between the past and the present giving us the context. However, the flashback sequences are contrived and boring making the viewer a tad restless.

If in 36 Vayadhinile, Jyothika was all about sarees and self-discovery here she is the slim and sleek bike riding confident girl. But her ebullience is affected and annoying at times and you are left wishing for a more subtle performance.

But all in all you don’t have much regrets as it celebrates womanhood and what more can you ask for?!


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