Pon Onam: King Mahabali arrives

Pon Onam: King Mahabali arrives

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I was lucky enough to be at Kumarakom on the eve of Pon Onam (Kerala festival). The entire state comes alive during this colourful and spectacular festival. Set Mundu (off white sarees), flower arrangements (pookolam), a delicious lunch spread (sadhya) banana chips, pradhman (special sweet) family and friends get together to celebrate with cheer and style this major festival which is so unique to Kerala and is so close to the heart of every Malayali.

King Mahabali arrives
A flower decoration welcomes him

A ten day holiday season marks the launch of the festival, with schools, colleges and Government establishments shutting down for the Onam season. King Mahabali who is considered to be visiting the families during this season is welcomed with flowers and lights. Banana and payasam sales across the Cochin city took on a new high just a few days before the Onam season. I was happy to see huge cauldrons of steaming hot oil making crispy and tasty banana chips.  Every school, hotel that we passed by were organizing games and all were dressed in their dressed in their tradiotional wear with mundu and dhotis. Malayali women decked up in jumkhis and gold and off white sarees were looking resplendent. Indeed a good time to visit Kerala.


Bhuvana Rajaram


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