Nayanthara Show: Simple And Sweet

Nayanthara Show: Simple And Sweet

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Needless to mention that for every festival, our TV channels without fail invite film celebrities and the usual talk shows presents itself. The male anchor doting over the pretty heroine and the lady anchor ogling the male actors has all become so clichéd and cloying.  The same set of questions, the same diplomatic answers punctuated every now and then with never ending giggles by the heroines is all too familiar for us. This is exactly what I expected when I ended up watching a Nayanthara show on Sun TV on Ganesha Chathurthi.

The actor who generally does not make an appearance on TV channels chose to break the policy on Ganesha Chathurthi. She was obviously making a smart move to promote her upcoming film – Aram. Heralded as the lady super star, she was surprisingly simple and warm. And the anchors were pleasant and more focused on getting her to open up rather than talking about themselves as is most often the case.

The program itself was dotted with mimicry, live painting by Vilas Naik, and a comedy show by Rahul thatha (Actor Udayabhanu). The Ganesha painting that Vilas Naik came up with was spectacular and likewise the one that he did of Nayanthara. The talk show was informative not at all run of the mill, with interesting short snippets and not too much of the upcoming film. My guess is that the show must have been the idea of the actor herself, as she comes across as a smart cookie. Way to go Nayanthara! We need thinking actors like you! Not just blond babes!

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