Vikram Vedha: The New Baahubali?

Vikram Vedha: The New Baahubali?

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It is barely a week old, and everyone is talking much about this film. So much so, if you have not seen the film Vikram Vedha by now, it’s almost embarrassing. This is exactly how people reacted when Baahubali was released, everywhere I was inundated with questions of – Have you seen the film? And without waiting for your response they would talk hours about the computer graphics, Prabhas’ physique and Anushkas’ beauty.

And this time people can’t stop talking about the excellent performances of R.Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an out and out cop film filled with action and shooting. And relies much on the folklore of King Vikramadityan and Vedhalam, in fact the film begins with an animation of the folk story.

That said, Vikram (Madhavan) is the straight forward cop after Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi) the gangster. Their encounters, flashbacks, the mystery behind the killing of Vedha’s dear brother form the crux of the plot. Needless to mention the verbal duals and spars between the two actors is a delight to watch. How with each story Vedha pushes Vikram to seek the truth is interesting though a tad confusing at times.

The two lead actors take much of screen space, and naturally so, but the supporting cast played by some new faces is good to see. And by now, we all know that Vijay Sethupathi brings in actors from his previous films (a referral scheme!).

All in all a good movie, plot wise it’s the regular cop chasing the criminal act. But the making of the movie is refreshing, with right choice of actors, music and art, all falling into place. With not too many movies in this league now, it has already made brisk business.

Way to go Pushkar – Gayathri! Perhaps the first husband and wife director duo?! 


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