Mi Casa: Exclusive Home Decor

Mi Casa: Exclusive Home Decor

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I decided to visit the Mi Casa Home Décor store in Egmore on a hot summer afternoon, when Chennai decided to return to being its hot best. After crossing the Don Bosco School on Casa Major Road, I wondered where the store was. The lovely voice on the phone had informed me that it’s right there in the middle of the Casa Major Road. I found a big attractive black and white name board that led me inside easily. I was grateful to walk into the cool confines of a home like store that has a bountiful booty.

And no, the casa in the Mi Casa has nothing to do with the Casa of the Casa Major Road. OK, enough of casas now, but what is Mi Casa?

Ladies and gentlemen, Mi Casa is an elegant store that offers unique artifacts from across the world. Ms.Namrata Dhawan is at the helm of affairs and she travels much to source rare and attractive pieces from different parts of the world. She re-purposes these artifacts if need be and they are converted into a thing of beauty which finds place inside your homes.

The products here are also from interiors of India, a colourful mirror from Rajasthan sits alongside a milk bottle from Greece. So there are so many beautiful things all around you in the store, so much so it is difficult to decide what you want. From cute key holders, to scented candles, cushions, stoles, wall art, lamp shades and so much more is there at the Mi Casa.

Ms.Dhawan informs me that not just the living room, she can design any part of the house with exclusive and lovely pieces appropriate for the home.  And another interesting aspect is that home owners don’t run the risk of seeing the same wall art hanging in a neighbors’ home. What they buy at Mi Casa will be one of a kind and never repeated.

Chennai is certainly becoming very sophisticated with such boutique home décor stores. So, if you are refurbishing your home, then go down Casa Major Road open the door to aesthetically designed homes.

Assorted range of wall hangings
Scented candles collection
Cushion and bed covers as well
Colourful lamps
Newly introduced footwear as well
Vases, trays and more

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#15, Casa Major Road,



India 600008

Phone: 098846 35998



11:00 am to 7:00 pm



Bhuvana Rajaram


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