Chennai Metro Rail: Picking Up Speed

Chennai Metro Rail: Picking Up Speed

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For those of you who have travelled abroad and have had the opportunity to travel in trains that not only look good but are extremely efficient as well, the Chennai Metro Rail may seem basic.

But for Chennai, that is forever growing in population and trying desperately to tackle its traffic issues – this is a big boon.  And for many of us who have been patiently waiting for Chennai Metro Rail to be born and bearing silently the traffic diversions owing to the same – we are jumping with joy.

Not that any of the traffic issues have reduced, but we are able to see the tangible proof in the form of a blue, spanking new, plush comfortable train that arrives and leaves on time.

Some of the commuters are beaming and specially those who boarded it from the Airport cannot stop smiling. It is yet to gather momentum, more routes have to be introduced, awareness on the Chennai Metro Rail has to be initiated, but at least we have made a beginning. Uber and OLA taxis have made our lives much easier, yes, with Chennai Metro Rail also joining the bandwagon living and commuting Chennai should become a lot easier. With its combination of underground and elevated stations, it eventually plans to take over the Chennai Mass Rapid Transit System.

Wikipedia informs that Chennai Metro will be the 3rd largest metro system in India after Delhi Metro and Kolkata Metro upon completion.

Active Routes:

  • Chennai Airport to Little Mount and Alandur to St.Thomas Mount
  • Thirumanagalam to Nehru Park (mix of both elevated and underground stations)

Here is a step by step process on how to use the Chennai Metro Rail:

Clear road map displayed tells you where you and how much more to travel
Signboards help the commuters navigate within the station
Large and well maintained halls for ticket counters
Ticket chart displayed, take a moment to read this before you buy
Vending machines to buy tickets, but its not yet stand alone as there was an employee to guide us
Staircase to take you to the platforms
Easy escalator options as well
Place the ticket at the panel for entry, else you cannot enter. And be careful as there are flapping doors
The view of the station from the platform, rather deserted for a Saturday morning
The platform has voice over announcing the arrivals and departure with LED display too
Extremely comfortable and air conditioned compartments within the train
Automatically closing doors

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