Chennai is Cool: Pleasant Weather Indeed

Chennai is Cool: Pleasant Weather Indeed

Hello Friends,

The Chennai weather has substantially cooled down with a mild drizzle now and then, sudden heavy showers occasionally and permanently cloudy.  It is such a big relief for the citizens of Chennai who have borne the brunt of the scorching summer spanning March to June. July has been very kind to us leaving us to enjoy the respite from the heat.

The Chennai city known for its fragrant jasmine flowers, fluffy white idlis, shimmering Kanjivaram silk sarees, frothy filter coffees and of course all the malls and shopping arcades is a great city to live in. And is considered one of the safest cities in India. While it has become fashionable to complain about the permanent heat, dust and grime of the city there are several positive aspects of the city and today’s weather is something to rejoice.

With this weather being what it is right now, I am sure we can plan for several exciting picnic lunches, long drives and boating outings!

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Bhuvana Rajaram

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