Peekaboo Patterns: For Your Darlings

Peekaboo Patterns: For Your Darlings

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She is your sunshine, your rainbow, your princess, your bundle of joy, and you melt when you see her dimpled cheeks giggling innocently, you would walk to the end of the earth to get her anything she wants, you would if you could get her the moon right? I am talking about your little daughters and sons for whom you would do anything.

From pink bean chairs with angels, to a table that looks like a piano, to cartoon characters filled carpet, umbrellas with rabbit ears, to colourful school bags and water bottles and a host of other things that would bring a smile to your loved one are all available at a delightful store called: Peekaboo Patterns.

Peekaboo Patterns are specialists in designing safe and attractive custom made spaces and furniture for children.

Intrigued by the name and piqued by curiosity I walked into their store at the Bergamo Mall, at Khader Nawaz Khan Road. I met a young lady called Fathima whose passion for the store was obvious. She explained at length how they engage with their customers and meet all their requirements. Peekaboo Patterns caters from newborns to teenagers, so which means they can completely customize the room for your children. They understand what your child likes, what he or she is fond of, which colour makes them happy and after which they design the rooms to perfection. Every teeny weeny detail is lovingly crafted. I was amazed at their collection and wanted to share some of it with you, read on:

A full section of things that you can pick up for your children
Attractive pink bed for your little girl with matching cushions and quilts
A side cabinet for her books and a comfortable sofa for her to relax
Two cute arm chairs for the kids (teddy bears are just part of the store decor)
Cute umbrellas just right for the rainy season
An activity table designed like a piano
A car like bed for the boys
A carpet for the girls, pink and filled with animals
A carpet for the boys with numbers
Tents for the children to play

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