Women in Cinema Collective: Welcome Trend

Women in Cinema Collective: Welcome Trend

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What is Women in Cinema Collective (WCC)? Well, it is a first of its kind association that would champion the cause of women actors in the Malayalam film industry.  It gives them a platform to voice their views and most importantly allow them to work in peace. Also it would actively fight for equal opportunity and dignity of women in cinema.

Manju Warrier, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Anjali Menon, Sajitha Madathil and Beena Paul are some of the key ladies behind this initiative.

It was indeed extremely sad and disappointing to have witnessed the abduction and sexual assault of actor Bhavna a while back. Women, irrespective of the industry were pained by this incident and just when we thought here’s another assault that would go unnoticed, WCC comes to the rescue.

I am not sure if WCC has been the catalyst in the actor Dileep’s arrest last evening, if yes, it is certainly something to applaud. As we in India, have only seen allegations against celebrities but nothing culminating in an arrest. And I am sure with the likes of Manju, Paravathy et al they will keep the WCC flag flying and will bring about the change that we all aspire to see. This is such a welcome trend that other regional cinema must follow suit and also other industries such as IT and so on.

Malayalam cinema known for its intelligent themes, realistic portrayals, and strong women centric subjects has had a big dent with one of its leading ladies abducted and assaulted. In the wake of it, it is very heartwarming to see WCC spring to life. Way to go WCC!

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