TV Shows: Vikram Vedha Curtain Raiser

TV Shows: Vikram Vedha Curtain Raiser

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Actor R.Madhavan is suddenly in the news almost every second day. One of his recent films did extremely well at the box office and receives much critical acclaim, his speech at the Harvard is all over social media, Suhasini Maniratnan features him in a detailed talk show on Zee Tamil, and most importantly his after shower selfie goes viral, women fan following only seems to be spiraling. Oops, the actor is on a roll!

He went into hiatus for about a few years back and then emerged out of the woodwork with Saala Khadoos/Iruthi Suttru.  Its certainly good to see talent getting the well-deserved attention. Way to go Madhavan!

And now as we wait for the GST glitches to clear and make way for his upcoming release, R.Madhavan was interviewed by one of the TV channels obviously a promotional effort on the eve of Vikram Vedha.  A young pretty girl interviews him who could not stop calling him Maddy, and was beginning and ending every sentence with his name. She was so excited that the only thing she kept mentioning all through the chat show was how girls were swooning over him.

While this is a fact allright, is this something new to the actor or to the audience? Have we not heard of this time and again? It was obvious the girl hosts’ homework was not sufficient, as she made a faux pas with the mention of the actors’ children. Politely but mildly irritated the actor corrected her by saying that as far as he knows he had only one son. The situation was embarrassing, to say the least. Once actors Vijay Sethupathi and Varalakshmi joined the program went onto a different mode with some quiz totally unrelevant to the film called out. None of the actors seemed interested in answering any of it and they were visibly bored. And the best part is Vijay Sethupathi says – thankgod its over as the program came to an end. And I am not even sure if the host realized how much of an ordeal it was for the actors and audience.

When stars of this stature are being interviewed, gender of the host has no bearing as long as they are about to – put across sensible points, provide contextual cross references, research well and share with the audience some valuable information, period.  Its time TV channels revisited their program concepts and their anchors!


Bhuvana Rajaram

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