Bergamo Mall: Spartan and Sophisticated

Bergamo Mall: Spartan and Sophisticated

Hello Friends,

I have passed this place on Khader Nawaz Khan (KNK) Road in Nugambakkam several times, but never realized it was a mall. Well ladies and gentlemen, there is very classy mall at KNK Road diagonally opposite to the Naturally Auroville store.  It certainly does not come any close to a Phoenix or a Vijaya Forum, but it is small, with few global brands. There were several foreigners walking about, cool dudes working briskly on their laptops inside Starbucks, and pretty girls shopping ardently. Yes, I did catch an SUV spilling out a bunch of young people who were making a beeline for Starbucks.

On the ground floor there is a very cozy Starbucks joint, Lladro on the first floor selling exotic porcelain items alongside a colourful Peek a Boo a one stop shop for children. On the third floor there is Barbeque Nation as well.

On a relatively cool summer afternoon I walked in to this sophisticated part of Chennai that has all global brands from one end of the street to the other. I saw Biba, W, Wills Lifestyle, evoluzione, Jockey, Pepper Fry, Old Madras Baking Company, Bandhej, Thick shakes, Jockey and a Kulfi Joint on either side of KNK Road.

Bergamo is nice, long winding staircase makes for easy climbing and lends it a palace like look. It is clean, not cluttered and not crowded at all. Inside Starbucks which had just a handful of people, I noticed men working busily.

Chennai is cool! It is certainly!

Just as you enter the mall, you see this on the right
Lladro showroom from the outside
An inviting Starbucks coffee shop at the ground floor
Inside Starbucks
Again I found this wall arrangement inside Starbuck

Hours:  10:30AM–8:30PM

Phone: 044 3017 8484



Bhuvana Rajaram

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