TV Shows – Annoying or Amazing?

TV Shows – Annoying or Amazing?

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The growing popularity of TV shows and their hosts is the trend of today. Each channel tries to woo big stars to anchoring shows, and ebullient anchors are trying to promote themselves in every opportunity that presents itself. The mad rush for TRP is evident with Kamal Hasan’s Big Boss or Suhasini Manirathnam’s Weekend with stars.

Agree that TV shows need to be engaging and interesting to lure audience and keep them hooked – but why can’t TV shows be a little bit more creative and bring to the viewer some really sensible information about the film or the product?

Last Sunday, I happened to watch two shows with film personalities being interviewed and both were promotional efforts to market the films to be released.

Anbudan DD had actress Jyothika, a curtain raiser of sorts before her upcoming film Magalir Mattum. There were some well thought out elements such as bringing to the limelight several other women achievers. It was heartwarming to see all of them talk with pride and share their stellar achievements, but why so much humility in front of a star I do not understand. They almost seemed to feel small in front of the actress, which was very disappointing.

Women the world over are doing some phenomenal work despite all odds, actors and stars included. But there is no reason to glorify film stars beyond a point and sing their praises nonstop. This is precisely what was happening for the most part of Anbudan DD, while we all agree that she Jyothika is an extremely talented actress, undoubtedly.

But do we need to know every teeny weeny detail about her being a loving daughter, wife and mother so much?This was harped again again throughout the show to the point of being sickening. Also her kindness towards her house help and how nice she is with her girlfriends was highlighted so many times that it was downright boring. Should we get into so many personal details of a star? Is this what audiences want? Or are we underestimating them?

TV shows, hosts and stars have a product on hand – an about to be released film and they need to promote the same.  The focus should be on that and not about how great the star is with her son! And the host has a responsibility to get the star and crew talking about the product and getting them to share some valuable information related to script and the making of the film. But what invariably happens is we end up seeing how close DD and Jyothika Surya are or we get to experience DD’s antics in slow motion.

Its time TV channels took a hard look at their program concepts and make them more product centric rather than the host and star stealing the thunder.

Will talk about the interview with Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi soon!


Bhuvana Rajaram

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  1. It will be annoying…so pls don’t waste your time watching such shows Bhuvana….not worth our time…

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