Tamara: Boutique for Cotton Dresses

Tamara: Boutique for Cotton Dresses

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On the request of a dear friend I walked into Tamara – a tiny boutique in T.Nagar, (guessing the name is an inspiration from the lotus flower, as their logo indicated) thinking to myself what can this small place offer. But what I saw inside was few serious customers trying to decide what to buy. And they were ably assisted by a young, gracious lady apparently the owner of the boutique. As I went through the rows of outifits, it was good to see the stacks of cotton dresses hanging. Ok so no kurtis? No palazzos? Yes, that is right this is a boutique that offers cotton dresses in beautifulthenic prints such as Kalamkari, Ikat, and Bandhini if I am right.

Smart decision indeed, to not go the usual route of salwar sets, kurtas and tops but to opt for cotton dresses. This is store has an assortment of things, from footwear, jewelry, blouse pieces, knick kancks. Their main attraction is cotton baby carriers that are great buys from new mothers. All in all, nice store tucked away in T.Nagar where you can buy some simple cotton suits. Check it out, when you are driving by T.Nagar (it is just behind Natesan Park on Venkatanarayan Road).

Rows of ethnic dresses
More variety of dresses
Ethnic blouse pieces as well
Trays, penholders and more
Close up view of a tray with Kathakli motifs
Ethnic footwear to go with the dresses
Brightly coloured purses
Other knick knacks that the store offers
My personal favourites – hand bags



 Needs to be done in one of the close by roads near the boutique

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