Akshaya Tritiyai: Inside a Jewelry Store

Akshaya Tritiyai: Inside a Jewelry Store

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Here’s wishing all of you a Happy Akshaya Tritiya! The word Akshaya, in Sanskrit means never diminishing. This day is considered to bring abundant good luck and prosperity, therefore any new venture started on this day is sure to bring success and prosperity.

On this day, one of the most popular and important things that people do is – buying gold ornaments. In the last decade this day has gained so much significance that it is not surprising to see the long queues in jewelry stores. We gather that even families who are planning a wedding take the opportunity to buy gold on this day, even though the wedding is not in the near future.

The city has come alive, and every jewelry store is brimming with buyers and to lure them more there are exciting offers as well.  Here are some pictures taken inside a very popular jewelry store on the eve of Akshaya Tritiyai:



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