C/O Saira Banu: An Underdog’s Fight for Justice

C/O Saira Banu: An Underdog’s Fight for Justice

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Manju Warrier, noted Malayalam actress known to essay powerful women centric roles does it again in – C/O Saira Banu. She pairs with Amala Akkineni yet another veteran actress of southern cinema who was a star in her own right during the late 80s and 90s. Both these talented actors come together to narrate an interesting tale of love, sacrifice and fight for justice. As a viewer you expect quite a bit from this film that is a comeback of sorts for Amala and another strong woman crusader role for Manju, however it drags a bit and fails to impress much. Outwardly as the movie opens, it seems like an intriguing tale of bonds that never die, but as the movie unravels there is not much depth to the story and events seem very loosely strung together without coherence. It does impress you in bits and places, but that is not enough to keep you hooked.  Specially the court scenes and investigation fall through without any clear findings.



Saira Banu (Manju Warrier) is a post woman who lives with her brother Joshua Peter (Shane Nigam), who we later come to know is adopted by her. She dotes on him and is obvious she remains single to take care of him. During an argument that they have he leaves the house in a family bike. A senior from his college rags him and insists on driving the bike in an inebriated condition. An accident happens killing a man and Joshua gets arrested for the same. His senior escapes owing to his clout and connections. Annie Johan Tharavady (Amala) is a lawyer who passes by during the accident and summons the police as well. We later come to know that it is her young son who has been driving the car and has actually killed the man.


Police summon Saira Banu and the rest of the film is about how she investigates finds out the glaring truth and emerges triumphant.


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