Citi Centre Shopping Mall: Lost Glory?

Citi Centre Shopping Mall: Lost Glory?

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Do you enjoy window shopping and enjoying the bright lights and action in a shopping mall? I am one of those who can walk the corridors of a mall tirelessly and enjoy the ambience that is so unique to a shopping mall. There are different types of people, variety of food items to choose from, and you can buy all under one roof.

In the good old days, the 80s and 90s, Cissons Complex, Alsa Mall and Ispahani Centre used to be the big attractions, then later on in 2005 the Citi Centre of Mylapore was the new fad, and then came the Express Avenue, Phoenix and Vijaya Forum Malls.

On a quiet weekday, I decided to visit the Citi Centre on Dr.Radhakrishna Road just to see how it was fairing after being pushed over by the bigger malls. It looked sleepy but had its fair share of good shops and big brands. There were people walking about and office goers getting a quick bite, but that is all it had.

But it was a great opportunity to shop at leisure and I had all the time to walk into each store and see what I really wanted to buy. No big queues at the food court too and I was able to grab my sandwich and ice cream and settle in a corner to eat in peace.

A view of the lobby in the ground floor

I did feel a bit sad that Citi Centre had lost its appeal and had given way so easily to the bigger ones. I made a hasty retreat back home once done with my shopping as it did have a deserted look.

Popular brands are part of the mall
Colourful trinkets attract lady shoppers
Attractive oxidized jewelry are available all over the mall
Its easy to pick up ethnic salwar suits and sherwanis, as there are good options to choose from
Beauty salons are also available
Again its so easy to pick up a good outfit from the popular branded stores
Low cost Ice Creams and pastries lure you
Apart from the shops, there are stalls selling clothes at reasonable prices
A terrace eat out option that affords a fabulous view of the Marina Beach
Good eating options at the food court
What’s a mall without a KFC outlet?

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