Shopping for Ethnic Women’s Wear At Chennai

Shopping for Ethnic Women’s Wear At Chennai

Hello Friends,

For the woman today, when it comes to dressing well she has choices aplenty. From the branded stores selling colourful salwar suits/western wear, to boutiques hosting specially made material and garments from all over India to the regular stores offering all of this and much more – I repeat the woman of today has indeed an array of options to choose from. And not all of them are expensive; one could easily find a good salwar suit for about Rs.1000 to 1500.

Irrespective whether you are a home maker or an office goer the desire to dress well and look good is only natural. Be it any age group you belong to it is important to pick the right clothes that accentuate your style and lend you a unique personality. And also you can experiment with different colours, mix and match, stitch and make your own outfit, buy readymade suits, or just buy a kurti and add it with an existing back chudithar and there you have a smart outfit. Better still pair it up with lovely earings and shoes and there you are looking resplendent and pretty.

Yardage in different and vibrant colours
More yardage giving you the flexibility to make your own outfit
Elegant cotton sarees
Long dupattas in various designs and colours
Ready to stitch salwar suit material
Salwar suits spread out

My recent visits to Kalpastree, CP Art Centre hosting handloom exhibitions made me realize that it was so easy to look good these days. Just a little bit of sensible shopping and buying only what you want can make you look simple and elegant. So go for it!


Bhuvana Rajaram

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