Jomonte Suviseshangal: Predictable Story of Survival

Jomonte Suviseshangal: Predictable Story of Survival

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By now many of us have expanded our movie watching list to include cinema in other languages as well, irrespective of our mother tongue. And Malayalam cinema has been producing some really good ones off late. They have some great visuals, near to life characters, solid plot and they experiment trying to stay off the beaten path. Dulquer Salman (Mega star Mammooty’s Son), Nivin Pauly, Vineeth Srinivasan, Fahadh Faasil are all the new age actors who are coming up with some sensible cinema.

Jomonte Suviseshangal, released in January, 2017 is a story of an affluent business family that loses everything and struggles to survive. A neat storyline starts off with nicely detailed characters, however fails to take off as it has strong tinges of Jacobinte Swargarajyam a Nivin Pauly film released last year. It seems like an exact remake, with just a few tweaks here and there to convert it into a new story. Also there are so many twists and turns making a tad complicated. That said, it still makes a delightful watch as Dulquer as the young scion of a large conglomerate carries the film on his shoulder. His acting is so effortless and convincing that you buy into the story in spite of the many loopholes. Aishwarya Rajesh as Vaidehi steals your heart with her quiet, unassuming ways and subtle performance. Anupama Parameswaran as the gorgeous Catherine is absolutely beautiful and lights up the screen every time she smiles. Mukesh as the aging businessman needs no mention as he is graceful and is dignity personified.



Jomon (Dulquer Salman) is the carefree and irresponsible son of Vincent (Mukesh) a self-made business man. The father tries desperately to make his son more responsible and take more interest in his thriving enterprise, but in vain. He sets up a mens’ wear store and makes him in charge of the same which Jomon ends up selling it to the store manager and disappearing. In the meantime the father faces a heavy loss in the business and is forced to vacate his palatial bungalow. The other family members blame him for the downfall and desert him. This is when the irresponsible son turns up to rescue his father and informs him that he has his own business now. However a series of events follow during which he loses his lover, fails in his business, struggles and starts afresh and also meets a lady whom he falls in love with – and then ofcourse all is well again and everybody reunites.


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