Prems’ Gramabhojanam: Rustic and Real Food

Prems’ Gramabhojanam: Rustic and Real Food

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Prems’ GraamaBhojanam is one of those hotels where you can simply order what you want from the limited menu, eat and just leave. It’s a no frills place, that does not give much importance to your attire nor its own ambience. But trust me, the food is good! It’s not a place where you have a hearty lunch and feel so full the entire day and walk around with a bloated belly. Prems’ GraamaBhojanam is small hole in the wall kind of place, more like a mess with focus on healthy food.

Healthy, with emphasis on bringing back the rustic flavours without compromising taste. This is a treat for youngsters staying away from homes and relying on hotel food.  Prems’ GraamaBhojanam is a fabulous effort and it is good to see the unpretentious stainless steel plates carrying hot freshly cooked food.  We were there for lunch and though options were limited, it was obvious they were made ready just then. On a hungry stomach it was so appetizing to see the thali lunch that had a mix of rice, rotis and subzi. Rice, not the usual raw rice but rustic healthier alternates which looked like broken wheat and tasted very delicious.

The hotel is in Adyar, on the main road so it is likely you will face challenges if it’s a 4 wheeler parking that you are looking for. And it’s a flat turned into a hotel so each room offers a set of tables which can take in about 6-8 people at a time.  The tables are pretty tiny, so it’s just right for two people. There are bulletins and pictures everywhere announcing the benefits of eating healthy. I was bowled over by the super soft rotis and creamy dhal and the green gram dhal payasam was very good indeed.

Benefits of healthy eating displayed on the walls
The hotels’ home grown kulfis
Yet another display of switching to rustic food options
Two seater table arrangement with cardamom water
Wall decoration within the hotel, not much, but its cute 
More decorations on the wall
The lunch menu display

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12 Noon to 3 PM

7 PM to 10 PM



19/90, Sardar Patel Road,

Beside GRT, Kasturibai Nagar,


Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

Phone: 098400 62772



Bhuvana Rajaram

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