Writer’s Cafe: Coffee, Charm, Cause and Books – all coming together

Writer’s Cafe: Coffee, Charm, Cause and Books – all coming together

Hello Friends,

When the entire city of Chennai is talking about Marghazhi, music and the ubiquitous canteens, we were digging into transparently thin pizzas. Wondering where? It’s the new joint in town – the Writer’s Café at Peters Road. The one word that came to my mind as I entered its warm interiors was ‘feel good’.

 This is the kind of a place where you can sit by yourself with a book and wait for your Eggs Benedict to arrive, or catch up with a girlfriend over a cup of filter coffee, or better still – met someone nice?  Invite him or her here and to get to know them a bit better. The Writer’s Café is a setting almost like a Gautham Menon film. Sophisticated and simple. I fell in love with the café, its food, books, staff and just about everything. After gorging myself with pizzas and sandwhiches I carried home croissants and pastries for family.

The Writer’s Café situated bang in the middle of Peters Road, very close to Saravana Bhavan (on the same side) has a collaboration with Higginbothams so you can browse through their book collection and once your purchase is made you can settle for sandwhiches and stuff. It is two stored building with tables and pastry shop down below and couches, books and conference halls on the first floor.

Incidentally, the food is cooked by burn victims who have undergone training in bakery. They have been trained under the auspices of the Winners Bakery and have started this outlet.  Mr.Mahadevan of the Hot Breads fame is at the helm of affairs and thanks to him the Writer’s Café has come into being. Hats off to him for coming up with such a brilliant idea, and imagine the joy of the victims when they realize how meaningful their life has become. So people, please visit the café and buy your bread here as it goes a long way in encouraging some one who has had an ordeal in life.

A wide assortment of pastries, puffs and more
Soup sticks beautifully displayed and up for sale
Cafe interior done up with coffee making machines and pickles
The wafer thin pizzas that is so unique to Writer’s Cafe
Melt in the mouth waffles served with cream and honey
Believe it or not, the cafe served a near to authentic filter coffee
Menu choices that are reasonable priced
Countertop and menu display giving us a Starbucks feel
The coffee machine which they plan to use shortly to make coffee at the table itslef
First floor that has comfortable couches where you can relax over a book and coffee

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9:00 am to 9:00 pm



98, Peter’s Road,

Behind Philip’s Service Centre,



044 48611604
+91 9920028122



Bhuvana Rajaram


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