Dusshera and Dolls: A dazzling combination

Dusshera and Dolls: A dazzling combination

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The last quarter of every year is marked with a wide set of festivals and celebrations. Thus bringing joy and cheer to all around. Splashes of colours, beautifully clad women, flower decorations, lamps and lights surround us ringing in the spirit of togetherness. Not only Chennai the entire country truly comes alive during this festive season which is marked by Varalakshmi Puja, Id, Navarathri, Onam, Christmas and culminating in welcoming the new year.

However, one of the most interesting things of the Dusshera celebrations is the dolls and display. From time immemorial Dusshera is marked by the display of dolls with women visiting each other and exchanging tambool. Chennai has been celebrating this festival in great fervor. In fact many shops have also joined the bandwagon to celebrate Dusshera in style.  Thejus a shop that specializes in Gold and Multi Metal Plated Idols and other decorative articles had organized a display of their dolls, and it was lovely visiting them. Here are some excerpts from their golu:

Different avtars of Lord Vishnu
The traditional type of golu with the dolls displayed in steps
A scene from Mahabharatha
Krishna Leelas
Lord Krishna with gopikas
a medley of dolls
Arresting wall decorations at Thejus shop
More on the different avtars of Lord Vishnu

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