Windflower Resorts & Spa – Vythiri, Wayanad District

Windflower Resorts & Spa – Vythiri, Wayanad District

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Hotel options to stay at exotic locales are aplenty these days. But how many of them satisfy all the requirements of the average traveler? From cleanliness, food, money, accessibility, children friendly spaces the today traveler is looking for all of this and much more. Specially in India, the things that we read about in the hotel websites and what we actually experience is completely different. So hotels that seem out of the world in their websites turn out to be a mediocre accommodation spots who have only promising websites.

Given this situation I walked into Windflower, Vythiri with enough skepticism. The winding and steep drive uphill to the resort seemed quite luring, and the welcoming lobby was alright. But what about the rooms I kept asking myself.

But frankly I was bowled over by the spacious suite we occupied; it had a nice and warm living area that lead to the bedroom which was separated by a wooden cabinet. The bathroom was squeaky clean, and very large with a shower that offered a great view apart from piping hot water. Tastefully done interiors, with paintings, soft yellow lights, sturdy furniture, and useful amenities made the stay at Windflower Resort and Spa an enjoyable experience. With delicious food, offering a wide variety to choose from each meal was not only delicious but also stomach safe. Extremely courteous and well informed hotel staff were quick to help and sort out any minor issues. With only mountains and great scenic views for company all around, it was worthwhile to even to simply idle around within the resort.

Windflower Vythiri_1Forklike two pathways at the main entrance leads the way to the two sets of rooms.

Windflower Vythiri_2A large reception hall that welcomes visitors.

Windflower Vythiri_3The trademark chess board very characteristic of the Windflower Resorts and Spa

Windflower Vythiri_4A row of cottages neatly tucked into the thick greenery

Windflower Vythiri_5A spacious suite room with a living room and bedroom

Windflower Vythiri_6Recliners where you can relax and enjoy the mountain view from the large glass windows

Windflower Vythiri_7Roomy dining hall where you can sit enjoying a steaming cup of coffee while drinking in the smoky mountains

Windflower Vythiri_8A handy buggy that helps aged travelers to commute within the resort

Windflower Vythiri_9A spa offering different types of massages, its location is so idyllic and filled with flowers  

Windflower Vythiri_10A large, clean and inviting swimming pool  

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