Festive Pondy Bazaar

Festive Pondy Bazaar

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India is known for its festivals and celebrations.  What can be more pleasing than a planning for an upcoming festival, inviting friends over, and enjoying an hearty lunch with family. While there are countless number of shops offering packed and readymade sweets and savouries, there is still a great joy in making them at home. It is equally interesting when the sweets we make at home going awry when try them the first time. Children running around, ladies dressed in silks and jumkis, buying tiny gifts for sharing, serving sweets made from new recipes, decorating homes for the occasion and singing and dancing – yes it is an absolute marvelous time indeed.

Here are 6 amazing and colorful pictures that were taken on the eve of Varalakshmi Puja at the Pondy Bazaar market in Chennai.

Chennai Festival 1Fruits of every kind entice you to buy

Chennai Festival 2Decorative and traditional items to do up your homes

Chennai Festival 3An array of colourful flowers captivate you

Chennai Festival 4Banana leaves to give that extra traditional appeal to your homes

Chennai Festival 5Fragrant jasmine piled up and looking exotic next to its yellow counterparts

Chennai Festival 6A just about everything you need store for kumkum, turmeric, sandalwood paste, bangles, betelnuts, betel leaves and much much more


Bhuvana Rajaram



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