National Book Lovers Day: August 9th

National Book Lovers Day: August 9th

Hello Friends,

What can be more fascinating than curling up with a thick, gripping novel? What can be more luring than losing yourself in the twists and turns of a story and admiring the characters of the plot? The joy of reading is unbeatable and unmatched by any other activity. If you are one of those people who cannot put down a book once you start, I am sure that you will agree that the National Book Lovers Day warrants for a celebration.

From starting off with Tintin, slowly moving onto Archie Comics, and growing up with Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, and quietly romanticizing with Mills and Boon I have done it all. And then there comes the evergreen classics: Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Bronte Sisters, Austen, Woolf and the list is endless. For a true book lover a lifetime with these authors can suffice, I am sure.

Here are five joys of reading:

  1. Teaches you to enjoy your own company

You are never alone with a book!

The characters of the novel completely ensnare you and take you into their worlds. Anger, love, lust, war, deceit, betrayal, break ups, marriage, relocation, growing up, pain, loss, suffering, death and much more keep you engrossed. After hours of reading, flipping pages continuously and only after finishing the book do you realize that you were alone all along. There is no question of boredom at all!

 2. Builds great friendships with like-minded book lovers

The sheer joy of a book conversations!

Think about the pleasure of finding another book worm who has read the exact books that you have and loves the same characters! I have discussed Scarlett O’ Hara with a friend for hours! It is one of the most interesting conversations that one can have. It breaks ice instantly and you could end up getting a friend for a life time. Books could turn out to be one of the easiest ways to start a conversation with a stranger and build a relationship.

 3. Increases your word power and language skills

It jump-starts your vocabulary!

Needless to add, reading definitely improves speaking and writing skills manifold. New words immediately make you want to know the meaning as only if you know the meaning of the word will you know what the characters are trying to convey. What better way can there be to increase your vocabulary? Not only new words become a part of your language but also new phrases, idioms and sentence constructions.

 4. Develops your flair for writing

Reading has given birth to many great writers!

Yes indeed, many who have gone onto be great writers have been inspired by books. So why not you be inspired as well. If you have a flair for writing then reading will certainly give you an edge and help you acquire those must have writing skills. Whether you become a famous writer or not, reading will most certainly better your writing and even speaking the language will improve.

5. Life lessons are learnt easily

You become a better person!

Many of the trials and tribulations that characters of a novel face are standing examples and we end up learning valuable life lessons from them. These situations are so real life that it subtly teaches us the art of handling tough situations. Or better still, when you are in the midst of a difficult day you are reminded of a character who may have encountered a similar situation and emerged successfully.

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