Spectacular Vythiri – Wayanad Tourism

Spectacular Vythiri – Wayanad Tourism

In the hill district of Wayanad, lies the thickly populated with trees and greenery mountain town – Vythiri. Abundant with coffee, tea, pineapple, rubber and pepper trees this is an ideal hill station for a quiet retreat which is filled with breathtaking views, scenic spots and an amazing climate. The slight drizzle adds to the charm and beauty of Vythiri. And the weather keeps changing tunes every now and then, mornings are mostly sunny and bright and the afternoons are murky and misty. Monkeys abound here and there, jumping from tree to tree with their babies attached to them. And tiny birds akin to sparrows fill the shrubs and the chirping that they make is such music to ears. It is a sight and sound to behold!

On reaching Calicut, it is a good three hour drive to Vythiri and the journey traverses through towns and uphill with 9 sharp hairpin bends. The views on both sides are very captivating and the weather changes slowly as you drive uphill changing from warm to cold.

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Some of the most popular tourist attractions are the Banasurasagar Dam, Meenmutty falls and Pookot Lake.

As you can see, the Banasurasagar Dam is considered to be Asia’s second largest earth dam. After a short walk and climb of about 300 steps, we reach a broad pavement from where the view of the water and dam is spectacular.  It does not seem to be a crowded spot, there are people but you can enjoy the view and walk about the places quite freely without jostling.  The dam is situated at the foot of the Banasura Hill, it takes the name of King Mahabali’s son Banasura. Boating options are available as well, but even if you give boating a pass the view and the climb itself is good.

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An equally beautiful place is the Meenmutty Falls; if the Banasurasagar Dam is broad and spacious then Meenmutty Falls is narrow and steep. A two kilometer slippery and rough terrain leads us to the head of the falls. The climb up is worth it, as once you reach the top and to see the water pounding down is so very electrifying.

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