WHITE – London Based Malayalam Romantic Drama

WHITE – London Based Malayalam Romantic Drama

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The film White has everything: a reasonably interesting plot, stunning locales, a leading lady who looks sensational enough, Mamooty needless to mention, looks every inch the dignified bachelor. If you are the kind who is satisfied just gawking at all of the above then you certainly would not be disappointed, but Malayalam cinema having earned a reputation for intelligent themes, rock solid plot, pulsating screen play and realistic locations – this film comes across as a harsh digression.


Roshini Menon (Huma Qureshi) is an IT professional transferred to London on a work assignment and meets Prakash Roy (Mammooty) in a strange manner. In fact she actually saves him from the jaws of death. Whether he intentionally wants to die or in a state of drunken stupor almost falls off or is he trying to play with death is not clear. But he awfully misses his dead wife, with whom he was much in love with. The resemblance between his dead wife and Roshini is stunningly striking and he is captivated by this aspect.

And hence stems the desire to relive the key incidents of his life with his wife – with Roshini again. Therefore, he follows her and recreates those incidents and in the process tries to make believe a world where in his wife still exists.  But Roshini becomes a prey to this exercise, and naturally falls for Prakash Roy completely and becoming curious about him unearths all this much later. Knowing that things are getting out of hand, Prakash avoids her by saying that he is getting married and parts ways. A heartbroken Roshini leaves for India saying she will love him forever. But the love that they share for each other is strong and they reunite at the end!


Very stylish suits for Mamooty make him look debonair and as handsome as always. He looks rather tired though and makes you wonder if he has started to look his age. But they could have left his hair style alone instead of messing with it and make it seem like some pop star’s, very unwanted. Huma in Indian salwars and Western suits looks glamourous and striking.  She is a well suited to the tall Mamootty and with her kohl rimmed eyes and lipsticked lips walks into your heart.


The breathtaking locales of London, Budapest are a visual delight. This is one of the most appealing aspects of the film. Also the office settings are realistic and relatable.


Huma as helpless young lady much in love and torn between her love and reasoning is convincing. While Mamooty breezes through with his role of a widower seems like as though he is pretty tired of the entire acting process. The dialogue he delivers is rather contrived and not genuine enough. But then he is an actor who has done it all and maybe his reinventions are not keeping him happy enough. Its time maybe superheroes learn a thing or two from Amitabh ji who has chosen such fabulous roles that fit his age and stature.

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