International Yoga Day| June 21, 2016

International Yoga Day| June 21, 2016

Hello Friends,

Even a decade back there was not so much of significance attached to health, nutrition, hygiene, fitness and general well-being. Our grandparents and their parents had inherited good health and longevity was also very prevalent. 

However in the last couple of decades nuclear families, double income, IT jobs, junk food, skipping meals have all caused a steady decline in health giving rise to multiple health complications such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid and not to miss obesity.

While medicines and other forms of cure may be existing, yoga has come to be the panacea for all ills of the present day society.  Practicing yoga may have been an Indian concept, but now has had such a great response across the world. It has truly come to be a global form of exercising that combines mind and body.  Next to walking, jogging, running which are also universal forms of exercise Yoga is the next best exercising form. 

With Art of Living, Isha Foundation, Baba Ramdev and such organizations spreading its beauty, Yoga has become extremely popular. 

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