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beaches: they are all over the place (Part 4)


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Yes, the beaches in Goa are just about everywhere.  So if you are idea of a perfect getaway is beaches, sunbathing, water sports and gorging on seafood and wine, then read on.  Since Goa is flanked by Maharashtra and Karnataka on either sides, one side of Goa is completely exposed to the Arabian Sea.  And this is the side that hosts a whole big bunch of beaches. Beaches of different types, rocky, sandy, idyllic and the list goes on.  The entire left stretch of Goa has beaches staring from Arambol beach all the way down to the Polem beach.  Makes sense?

By and large the most popular seems to be the Baga beach which has taken after the Baga River which flows into the Arabian Sea. Ideal time to enjoy the beaches at its best is naturally the Christmas time when there is a delightful set of adventure water sports. (Parasailing, Jet Ski, Banana Rides, Speed Boat Rides, Bumper ride

Float Boat rides, Kayaking, Wakeboarding etc.)

Well, if you thought I indulged in all of this, you are grossly mistaken. I just simply stood in the water enjoying the waves playing hide and seek with my feet. And by the way point be noted, these water activities are only available during the season which is during December – Christmas time.  There are life guards in the beaches wearing red jackets and with a life boat in tow, warning over enthusiastic beach revelers and warding them off deep waters.

Mackies night bazaar is another much touted activity conducted on the banks of river Baga, at Arpora- Baga, Goa (North).  Gathered that this is a cultural hub with dancing and merry making and ofcourse with plenty of stuff to shop.



Candolim beach at noon


Candolim beach at noon


Baga Beach


Baga beach view with trees and Baga river flowing in


Slightly rocky terrain that pokes into the Baga beach


Almost at every stretch I caught quiet rivers or back waters flowing silently by and there was a sporadic fishing activity happening.  Like how we buy fresh vegetables to cook, guess Goans can just stop by any river pick their fishes and have a fabulous dinner. Hmmm, not bad! But me being the vegetarian this did not much amuse me.  And I also read that the Goa rivers are much neglected while they have great potential to be converted into entertainment and food hubs.  Maybe the years to come will witness this?


Silent backwater/river near Baga beach


Another view of the backwater/river near Baga beach

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