Jiving at Jeeva Park: 10 Simple Things to do

Jiving at Jeeva Park: 10 Simple Things to do

Your local park: 10 simple things to do

Hello Friends,

Central Park, New York, Millennium Park, Chicago, Hyde Park, London – Were you wondering if I am going to feature any of these famous parks? The answer is NO! Sorry to disappoint you.J

But then yes I am going to tell you how you can spend 60 minutes doing simple things that will make you feel enormously good about yourself. Come along with me on this virtual tour to a local neighbourhood park…


Park your vehicles in the allotted spots easily, no towing business here.  There is ample parking space available in many of the local parks that I have seen. Else the adjacent lanes make up for any lack of proper parking.


  1. Pray

A plump Pulaiyar (Lord Ganesha) welcomes you. Pay your pranams to Him and that few minutes standing in from of him is so peaceful and soothing. But I always thought he was rather fat??!! J Maybe all that love the park walkers shower on him. Lord Ganesha is such a sweetheart, a’int He? J


  1. Walk

Get onto a pair of good walking shoes, plug in your earphones if you are the music buff. No, not that type? No worries, listen to the morning sounds of nature and chatter of co walkers and wrap up a few neat rounds of walking in the walkways.


  1. Play

Bring your Tennis racket along and call up a few likeminded friends and put in a game or two. Running around the court and laughing till your stomach hurts is such an invigorating activity to start your day.  Allow your kids to play as well in the play areas for them.


  1. Stretch

Would you rather do an asana, instead of a game? That need of yours is met with here as well. Dedicated Yoga teachers and a quiet corner cordoned off for yoga lessons is a common feature in most parks.  Makes you feel calmer than you normally feel.


  1. Exercise

A simple set of, nothing fancy exercise equipment gives you a great opportunity to do those exercises that you are limbs are totally unaware of. Yes, give your shoulders, hips and thighs that much needed stretching. This is free, and just see how much we normally spend on a gym for a similar experience?



You are done with your games and walk, but want to sit a while and catch up. Oh yes, parks are a great place for the same.  Catch up with folks in the nice little alcoves and benches part of every park.


  1. See

Feast your eyes in the abundant greenery all around you. It is indeed the best pampering you can give to your tired laptop ridden eyes.  Your eyes will thank you, am sure.


  1. Buy

Grab some real fresh vegetables, greens, fruits just outside the park from low cost vendors. This money will go a long way in making a big difference to their lives. So do buy from them and help them make a living.


vegetables 1

  1. Drink

Wholesome health drinks like tender coconut and juices outside the park helps you to detoxify and make you feel light and good.


Was I right? Are’nt these really simple things you can do to start your day? If you say – YES! I am the happiest! J



Bhuvana Rajaram


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