36 Vayadhinile: Championing Women’s Causes in not so Firm Plot

36 Vayadhinile: Championing Women’s Causes in not so Firm Plot

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Guessing that the title must have been inspired by the very famous Sridevi – Kamal Haasan – Rajinikanth starrer 16Vayadhinile, which was a mega hit of the 70s (1977 to be precise). 36Vayadhinile is a complete woman centric film where we get to see Jyothika (Tamil film actor) Jyothika and more Jyothika and some more Jyothika.  A remake of the Malayalam film – How Old Are You featuring Manju Warrier (Malayalam film actor) this film delves into how a woman finds her true identity after being taken for granted by her husband and daughter. She comes awake after being left behind in India while her husband and daughter fly off to Ireland to take up a new and exciting life.

Plot: Vasanthi Tamizhselvan (Jyothika) is a Government employee working with the Revenue Department (no designation is given) and is married to Tamizhselvan (Rahman – Tamil Film actor) with a teenage daughter. Her husband is keen to immigrate to Ireland and live a bigger life with more comforts and money. He almost has his foot in Ireland only to realize that he is caught in an unnecessary accident case and also that his wife may not be able to join him due to her age. She is 36 and is unable to get the right job for this age.

It is at this stage she gets to meet the President due to a smart question that her school going daughter asks the President. Which we later come to know was a question that Vasanthi herself had coined.  However, overwhelmed by the entire proceedings of meeting the President she faints in front of him and becomes the laughing stock of the entire nation. Depressed by this and being separated from her husband and daughter she is confused and lost, which is when the corporate marketing honcho Susan David (Vasanthi’s college mate) shakes up Vasanthi and tells her to GO Chase her dreams and reminds her what a firebrand she used to be in college. The rest is history, as they say, because Vasanthi lands with a plum offer of providing organic vegetables for a wedding party. This is from her terrace garden which overnight becomes her passion and purpose. Then all is well, as the husband who now can’t do without his wife wants her back in Ireland. He also now realizes her true mettle and accompanies her to meet the President who wants to congratulate her for the organic farming efforts. (Its about time we gave our Presidents some work to do!)


COSTUMES: It is a sarees galore costume department, as we see Vasanthi adorning practically a saree in every shade/pattern possible. But why is she so tightly plaited I wondered, not a stray tendril of hair even after a long day’s work.  And, are we not supposed to change into more comfortable clothes once back home? All other characters are dressed appropriately to fit into their roles.


DÉCOR: Simple décor that is typical of a middle class household and an ancient looking office with dusty files are ‘so’ the Government office set up. Full marks for the Art Decoration.


ACTING: Jyothika rules the roost with her with her mature acting performance, and all others have only options to react to her, which they do well.  Rahman as the quiet husband seems a tad scared to come anywhere close to Jyothika. But why is he as the husband always so angry with his wife? And why is she as the wife who is literate and a working woman so spineless, is what I kept wondering.


BT Bottom Line: We had a beautiful time watching the film and our recommendation for this movie is STRONG!

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